Shake up your Transactional print!

Business Stationery PrintingEvery day, week or month, millions of statements, invoices and cheques are printed throughout the world. Recent studies have shown that, on average, a consumer will spend forty two and a half seconds reviewing a bill. That’s forty two and a half seconds you’ve got to grab a client’s attention.

Enter ‘Transactional Printing’! For 30-40 years invoices and statements have retained their general appearance; black print, columns of numbers and a bill at the bottom. Besides having minor changes in layout, transactional documents have never undergone any dramatic changes.

Typically, documents of any kind have a lot of unused white space, and in recent times businesses are seeing the potential of using this space to include promotional advertising. Marketing departments nationwide are now encouraging the use of ‘Whitespace’ as a valuable tool for self-promotion.

Here at Spot On we’ve been at the forefront of advising our print customers to develop and produce their marketing messages on their transactional printed materials from bills, statements and invoices to payslips, supporting documents and salary slips.

Contact Spot On Design and Print right now if you would like to know more about developing and printing marketing messages for your transactional printed materials.

Published Date: 25th July 2012
Category: Business Stationery
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