What Can Colour Leaflets Do For Your Business?

There are many ways to market your business:Colour Lealets

  • the internet
  • your shop-front
  • TV & radio
  • networking meetings
  • trade shows
  • magazines
  • and many more

But still, the most immediate way of putting your business in front of your customers is with leaflets and other printed materal.

A well designed colour leaflet packs a punch!

Leaflets can be held and touched.  Leaflets produce a lasting impact that other transient forms of interruption marketing just can’t match.  Colour leaflets are the perfect compliment to all other marketing activities.  They can direct customers to your website, they can be used to promote upcoming events, they can be used to mirror your local radio advertising.

And the real beauty of leaflets is that they’re relatively inexpensive and will never deteriorate.  Once you’ve paid for them & printed them you can continue to distribute until they’re all gone!

At Spot On Design & Print in Blackpool, we’re got years of experience producing all shapes & sizes of leaflets, from A4, A5, A6, folded, 3-way folded, single-sided & double-sided, black & White and colour.

Call the sales team today on 01253 603530 for all your leaflet requirements!


Published Date: 17th April 2013
Category: Colour Leaflets

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