Brand new Spot On Leaflet is Launched!

Just produced and printed the brand new Spot On Design & Print Leaflet ready for distribution to our eagerly awaiting potential customers! Printed leaflets are a tried and successful way of communicating your business Spot On Online Printers, Blackpool, Lancashireservice and promoting your brand name! But you should have a strategy to use them.

We suggest distributing them at network meetings and through direct mail. What about asking to channel them through your business colleague’s premises and their customer data bases or even making an online version for potential customers to download or request a copy on your website and social media channels.

Don’t forget to get your QR code printed on the leaflet and increase traffic to your website so linking your offline activity with your online activity! Contact us for more professional advice on producing lead generating leaflets and printing them at competitive prices!

Published Date: 18th July 2012
Category: News & Events

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