A printing revolution is here… again!

We thought our new online printing company Nanography printing machineand digital print services were up to date with technology but the Israeli technologist/entrepreneur Benny Landa, the guy who essentially invented digital printing has now invented ‘Nanography’. This new printing technology is absolutely mind blowing.

In the past, commercial printers and therefore clients had to choose between the versatility and short-run economics of digital printing and the low cost-per-page and high productivity of offset printing. Now they can have both.

At the core of the new print system is an ink invented by Landa and his team. It’s made up of pigment particles only tens of nanometers in size (a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers wide). The resulting printed images are sharper, glossier and richer than anything else that comes out of a printer. The system also prints on a vast range of surfaces including uncoated paper, recycled carton, newsprint, and plastic packaging films, all without requiring any kind of pre-treatment or special coating.

Spot On Design & Print and Spot On Print Shop printing companies offer both digital and offset printing services. Digital printing, which lets us all print directly from a computer file, was essentially invented by Landa about twenty years ago. His Indigo machine was the world’s first commercially viable digital printer.

He sold out to Hewlet Packard in 1990 for something like a billion dollars. Today, three out of every four digital printing presses in the world, offering print and online print services, are made by Hewlet Packard.

Digital printing allows almost anyone to generate high-quality promotional material from leaflet print to business card printing to printing posters and brochure design print with colour photos. It has come to be seen as the best option for Marketing, Advertising and Promotional prototypes, individual copies and short-run jobs. Traditional offset printing using metal plates remains the preferred method for printing large runs, meaning five thousand copies or more.

The Landa W10 Nanographic Press got a demonstration run at the Print industry trade-show Drupa, last month in Dusseldorf and the first “nanotech” printers are likely to be ready for sale next year, but for now we’ll keep going the old fashioned way with digital and offset!

Published Date: 11th June 2012
Category: Printing Industry News
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