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B2B Printing refreshes the parts online cannot!

Did you know that one of the largest onlinePrinters in Blackpool companies in the world, Google, use B2B printing in the form of Direct Mail! Google turned to direct mail when it wanted to target 5m B2B customers in 45 countries and to transactional printing on invoices and statements for users of Google Adwords in the USA.

Printed Marketing Works!

More people pay attention to paper than e-mail and printed marketing material continues  to be used in innovative ways in the business world!

Creative Marketing Experts

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Published Date: 16th November 2012
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Binders by Design!

Many businesses today have a wealth of Printed Business Binders and Foldersinformation that is just too much to put in a ‘one off’ brochure and changes so often that they need a flexible and economic way to present this information to customers and staff.

The development of presentation and loose leaf products to market and promote their services and/or products can be met through producing ring binders, dividers and insert pages!

Bespoke design & print services

Bespoke design & print services can custom make Binders, Slipcases, wallets, folders, pockets, clipboards, menu covers, display boards and dividers that are individual and tailored to meet customer’s precise specifications. Binders for instance can be produced in a variety of materials such as ‘paper over board, PVC and polypropylene’ and can be customised using a variety of print and finishing options!

Spot On Printers in Blackpool

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Published Date: 23rd October 2012
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Don’t Neglect Professionally Printed Business Stationery!

Many businesses don’t consider purchasing business stationery an important business decision that needs to carefully thought through!  This is a big mistake!

Business stationery is very important because it not only identifies the business, but it is also an effective marketing tool. It demonstrates professionalism and can often attract new clients. Always consider the following benefits of creating custom designed professional stationery:

Business Stationery Projects the Company’s Image

It establishes trust. It depicts the company in a positive and professional manner. Professional stationery tells clients and potential clients that the business is professional and legitimate. Quality stationery will leave a long lasting impression. It is basically the face of the company.

Stationery helps with Networking

When meeting potential clients for the first time at a meeting or conference, business cards are the first thing they see from the company. Custom stationery demonstrates that the business welcomes and appreciates the client’s business.

Business Stationery as a Marketing Tool

it is important that businesses acquire and use a variety of different types of stationery. This can include letterheadsenvelopesbusiness cards, pens, pencils, invoice and compliment slips, brochuresfolders, roller stands, contract proposals, quotes and estimates, letters of recommendation, thanks and apology, and more. By having a variety of different types of businesses stationery, they will be constantly marketing their businesses in a creative, professional, and non-intrusive manner.

Stationery that is Uniquely Customized

Companies can have stationery designed to their own specifications to meet their business needs and desires.  Business stationery is an important part of increasing a company’s public visibility.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our Stationary Promotions and how we can help your organisation develop and print professionally designed stationery to enhance your brand and attract business!


Published Date: 2nd October 2012
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Letters speak volumes!

Business Letterheads

The printing of Business Letterheads as part Printed Business Letterheadsof an organisations stationery and branding has always been in constant demand.  Apart from its use on official business the humble letterhead is being used more effectively and creatively to promote business, generate leads, deliver incentives and drive customers to websites and social media channels.

Letterheads and Mail Merge

Here at Spot On Design & Print, we not only print letterheads for customers but we also on many occasions,  mail merge customer data onto the letterheads before printing and send them out with leaflets and/or brochures etc. via a Direct Mail service. Direct Mail is making a comeback, so are you making the best of your letterheads to grow your business?

Please contact us if you would like to know more about developing, designing and printing bespoke branded letterheads, compliment slips and other stationary items


Published Date: 30th August 2012
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Plastic Printed Cards – Your Flexible Friends!

You will be surprised how printed plastic business cards can boost your sales and profits!

Loyalty Cards for instance can be a powerfulFlexible Business Cards printed marketing tool for small business and are designed to encourage repeat business by offering rewards for customers who return again and again. Loyalty cards are also used by some businesses to track customer purchases to better understand buying patterns and target marketing. Loyalty cards can work for many different types of businesses.

Produced and printed in plastic or card, they make sense especially for restaurants and retail stores.

Plastic Business CardsWe also produce many other printed cards for businesses from Membership to Business and from Key to Gift Cards. Cards can be produced flat or embossed, with magnetic strips, barcodes/QR codes and sequentially numbered.

One of our recent projects has been to develop photo-seal security cards’ for a conference client where thumbnail images of delegates were encased in the ‘security card’.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about developing, designing and printing plastic or other printed material cards for your marketing campaigns!


Published Date: 8th August 2012
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Shake up your Transactional print!

Business Stationery PrintingEvery day, week or month, millions of statements, invoices and cheques are printed throughout the world. Recent studies have shown that, on average, a consumer will spend forty two and a half seconds reviewing a bill. That’s forty two and a half seconds you’ve got to grab a client’s attention.

Enter ‘Transactional Printing’! For 30-40 years invoices and statements have retained their general appearance; black print, columns of numbers and a bill at the bottom. Besides having minor changes in layout, transactional documents have never undergone any dramatic changes.

Typically, documents of any kind have a lot of unused white space, and in recent times businesses are seeing the potential of using this space to include promotional advertising. Marketing departments nationwide are now encouraging the use of ‘Whitespace’ as a valuable tool for self-promotion.

Here at Spot On we’ve been at the forefront of advising our print customers to develop and produce their marketing messages on their transactional printed materials from bills, statements and invoices to payslips, supporting documents and salary slips.

Contact Spot On Design and Print right now if you would like to know more about developing and printing marketing messages for your transactional printed materials.


Published Date: 25th July 2012
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