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Paralympics highlights printing work with Charities

The 2012 Paralympic Games are here this week! Design and Print for CharitiesAnd it’s an opportunity to highlight all the hard work done by UK & International Charities who work and support people with disabilities!

Marketing for Charities

Charities are finding things hard in this recession and focus on austerity with many suffering cutbacks to their funding. Many businesses forget that it’s important for Charities to also market themselves and develop printed marketing material to attract and promote to their audiences and so raise vital funds.

Spot On Design and Print work with many Charities and by offering them discounted rates and taking up some of the causes for our own company fundraising projects during the year.  Perhaps many more business organisations could do the same and help our Charities survive and grow.

Please contact Spot On Print in Blackpool if you would like to know more about how we can help Charities to promote themselves and raise awareness of their causes through creative printed marketing material.


Published Date: 31st August 2012
Category: Printing for Charities
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