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Unusual Printed materials prove popular!

Speciality printed products are proving printers in blackpoola successful way to differentiate businesses in a highly competitive market!  Unusual textures, embossed papers, die cut, folded, video brochures, unusual shapes and sizes are all helping to make businesses stand out in the crowd.

Novel Printed Marketing Ideas

Digital printing is giving businesses new opportunities to engage and motivate their customers! so

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any unusual or specialist printed products for 2103!


Published Date: 17th January 2013
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Get into Shape!

Shaped Business Cards

We design and print many shaped/die cutPrinted Business Invitations Business Cards and Postcards for our customers and one of the most interesting ones we produced this week was a postcard invitation to a FREE event in the shape of a Hot Water Bottle with a Knitted Cover design for Blackpool Council’s Care & Repair programme.

Great for Promotional Marketing

Die cut marketing and promotional material can help companies and organisations stand out from the crowd. They can visually enhance the ‘message’ you are trying to send and create a smile in the process

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help produce shaped/die cut Business Cards, Postcards and other creative printed marketing material


Published Date: 4th September 2012
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Innovative Printed Marketing Material at the Olympics!

The Olympics are sadly over (but the ParalympicsPrinted Marketing Materials from Spot On Printers in Blackpool are almost here!) and apart from the fantastic spectacle and great success on the sports field it was also a great promotion of the ‘power of print’ and the Printing Industry.

The Olympics used innovative printed marketing material to promote, inform, educate and enthuse consumers all over the country. From outdoor to indoor from large posters and signs to tickets and leaflets, the event was a huge success for the effectiveness and the ‘power of print’ 

Please contact Spot On Design & Print if you would like to know more about developing, designing and printing marketing and promotional material for your marketing campaigns!


Published Date: 17th August 2012
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Postcards from the edge!

Design and Printing of Creative Marketing MaterialsThe postcard dates back to 1840 and has long been used as printed marketing material for holidays, as a souvenir or as a promotional tool in direct marketing campaigns. Nowadays not many people send postcards through the post, but there’s more to postcards than meets the eye and it’s fighting back as an invaluable printed marketing tool!

Creative Print for B2B Businesses

Many of our B2B customers are using postcards to promote their products and services and using them in innovative and creative ways. Fashion Retailers have developed them as collectable cards for seasonal collections with discount details on the back. Restaurants have used them to promote recipe’s. We have produced postcards with magnetic backs and have added value by printing QR codes which link the card to online services through use of a smartphone reader app.

With short runs available the possibilities offer huge potential for creative printed material. Remember just like social media, the humble postcard is open for everyone to see and so communicates with everyone it comes into contact with.

So contact us if you would like to know more about developing, designing and printing postcards for your marketing campaigns!


Published Date: 27th July 2012
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