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Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Printing

As the print industries sustainability campaigner ‘Two Sides’ launch their latest initiative to promote the power and sustainability of the print media, research has revealed that that over 70% of European paper is recycled and Europe’s forests areSustainable and Environmentally Friendly Printing a third larger than they were in 1950.

The ‘green issue’ is a key area in many modern business environments and printing material is obviously affected. 100% of the paper we buy for Spot On Print Shop is FSC approved from sustainable sources and we also buy & source recycled material on request.

We recognise our responsibility and the importance of minimising the environmental impact of the companies, activities, products and services and are busily working on developing our Environmental Policy to promote good environmental practises. Watch this space for further updates!

If you would like to know more about developing, designing and printing using sustainable and/or environmentally friendly material for your marketing campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sustainable & Environmentally friendly printing


Published Date: 3rd August 2012
Category: Environmentally Friendly Printing
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