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Bad weather does not stop play!

Keep Marketing outdoors through the bad weather! Waterproof Outdoor PostersEncapsulated posters can be produced in a matt or gloss plastic coating which ensures a waterproof, wipe clean and durable finish!

Encapsulated Banners

Spot On Design & Print produce very high quality material at fast turnaround speeds! Encapsulation can also be used for a wide variety of documents used by trade and businesses. The printed and graphical materials needed for daily business operations such as brochures, restaurant menus, leaflets, flyers, presentation materials, training materials, inventory lists, banners, posters and numerous other documents are sealed in durable plastic films to improve their appearance and lifespan.

Waterproof Outdoor Banners

Encapsulation is the only option for preserving key sales and business documents for years. Your weather resistant marketing materials can be reused, thereby significantly reducing your cost of frequent printing of brochures and graphical products.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you develop your marketing material and save money, time and effort!


Published Date: 18th October 2012
Category: Large Posters