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The Spot On Design & Print Price Challenge!

We know that businesses are making every penny count!  Economies can be made in printed marketing material without cutting the quality and value and here’s how!

Our Challenge to businesses is this: allow us to quote for supplying your 3-10 most ordered and used printed items from business cards and stationary to leaflets and brochures etc… and we will save you money guaranteed! (Subject to review of a recent copy invoice(s) from your existing suppliers)

We will also send you absolutely FREE a £50 redeemable Spot On Design & Print voucher to spend with us on any printed item of your choice for your 2nd order! (Over £100 minimum value)

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you save money, time and effort to develop and print Marketing material to make every penny count!


Published Date: 4th October 2012
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Why printing companies should develop an online printing service

OK so business mail by e-mail has rendered huge amounts of print stationery obsolete!  But now it’s time for  printing companies to lick our wounds, march into the future and use the technology to our advantage!

We couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago, using the internet to do the things we do today. Businesses can bank, promote, inform, invoice and purchase with reasonable ease, in a global market, from the convenience of their own premises or office. It’s no wonder the Internet has taken us all by storm.

So now it’s time for printing companies to assert themselves in an increasingly digital world and develop promotional material for marketing and advertising use through online printing services. Underlying everything, of course, is that the printing company and business in general recognise ‘Print Power’ and promote and purchase accordingly for the following:

‘Print Power-The 5 Best strengths’:

1. The web has made huge amounts of print work obsolete, but there still remains a need for high quality literature. Print still has a vital role to play.

2. Business cards, printing leaflets, printing posters, postcard printing, envelope printing, brochures, folders and other promotional materials; wherever you look information enters our daily lives in many guises. And what do they all have in common? Answer: Print.

3. The very act of sending on request or handing over a carefully designed and produced document tangibly expresses a client’s commitment to their customers.

4. Corporate profiles, annual reports, prospectuses, brochures, and even leaflets and mail-outs, suggest a substance and credibility impossible to convey using online.

5. 52.9% say print is the most cost-effective marketing medium, while the internet and email poll just 16.4% and 17.1% respectively. More surprising, perhaps, considering the low cost is the performance of social media campaigns: just 4.3% of respondents say social media is the most effective ROI medium.

E-commerce is hotter than ever with consumer spending increasingly shifting online. But, businesses are also changing their purchasing habits and are looking to save both time and money by purchasing online.

Our new site the ‘Spot on Print Shop’, is a new online printing service for purchasing and is the ‘sister’ site to our traditional design and print business ‘Spot On Design & Print’. Our view is that printing services online is no longer just about choice, price and convenience it is also about everything else that businesses look for from any suppliers: the right product, at the right time and a professional experience.

Online printing services and e-commerce sites should be designed to be a fast track way to purchase and develop more easily managed print services for all business promotional material. It should provide the opportunity to place design and print orders on-line at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.


Published Date: 25th May 2012
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